Who Are We?

Not only has our coverage expanded, but so has our menu. What started as just a limited amount of pizzas; has grown to include wings, boneless wings, fries, onion rings, potato wedges, salads, as well as our ever popular Wedgies. 

Customers can pick and choose from our 19 speciality pizzas or create their own from our wide variety of toppings. Along with many bundles that can fit any occasion! With a wide assortment of food and flavors, it’s no wonder why Pizza 73 continues to be one of Canada’s top pizzerias.

Originally opened in 1985, Pizza 73 started off as a small store within the province of Alberta. It was our goal to deliver mouth watering food for a great price. Albertans soon came to love our food and within our first year we expanded to 17 locations throughout Edmonton and Calgary.

As of today, we have over 90 locations serving within Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and the Yukon. Each and every year we continue to grow on our great success thanks to our fellow Canadians, who love what we do. To help maintain our ever growing popularity, we became the first pizza restaurant in Canada to have a centralized call centre. Regardless of where our customers are located, our call centre can quickly match them up to a local store.